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Our Department

Foreign Trade Department

As one of a trading company is called for, international information gathering and its practical use . The trade part is playing an active part in the overseas front line as a contact of export-and-import dealings of our company. Export-and-import dealings are expanded centering on Asian countries, - China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thai , etc., which are proud of the dealings actual result over many years . Moreover, recently, it extends its business to Australia, New Zealand, Europe, the United States, etc., and export-and-import dealings of new goods are started. Our attitude is prepared that it can respond also to the aspect of affairs of the rapid exchange fluctuation of these days , and a trade part promotes further the international strategy for which the trading company is asked.

Chemical Department

Petrochemicals playing an active part in various fields of modern society while society is diversified. The functional-materials part is preparing the selling organization which can be adapted for such each field. The treatment goods have a highly efficient monomer (to a subject, they are the methacrylic acid ester of many kinds, acrylic acid, acrylic acid ester, etc. about MMA-methylmethane chestnut rate -), a special chemistry article (fluoride, silicone, urethane materials, biotechnology relation), various polymer (a paint, adhesives, water absorptivity polymer, various coating agents), a solvent (toluene, xylene, ethyl acetate, various alcohol, in addition to this), etc. The infinite possibility is challenged reaching far and wide, dealing with development, and corresponding to demand based on this, until it results in household articles from an industrial article.

Plastics Department

A synthetic resin, i.e., a plastic, is the material with the strong point which was very excellent which is easy to process it, it is light, is strong in water, does not rot, and does not conduct electricity. This outstanding characteristic contributes to improvement in our life greatly, and came to be used for it in large quantities. A plastic came to be broadly used for the household articles of our personal appearance, an electric product, a car, packing material, building materials, etc. From now on, it must be need to the material same as metal, iron etc.. This synthetic resin part has opened for the sales network in all fields from the materials of these plastics even material and a product . We're doing our best for ordinary consumers in development of the goods every day.

Specialty Material and Film Department

It was started as a development department in 1982 for new user exploitation, and the functional material part sells electronic material related goods to a subject now. Sale of the back light unit (what is uniformly compared with a transparent plastic board etc. on a screen through the light of a fluorescence lamp) included in the right book type personal computer and right liquid crystal display monitor like a photograph as a liquid crystal related component which has accomplished remarkable development especially also in it is a center. Sale of the charge of polarization film material, the dry film register strike for printed circuit boards, ceramics, etc. is also performed. In addition, we hope to direct power towards pursuit of attractive goods to meet development of the new goods in the liquid crystal related component expansion of the further demand will be expected to be from now on, and the request of the user developed and diversified. 

Construction Material Department

In order to protect a building from a rainstorm, an ultraviolet ray, etc., various kinds of waterproofing material and coating material are used for many buildings. The goods which matched the needs of users, such as those finish material and floor finish material for construction, and protection material of an underground structure, are broadly supplied to the construction industry. The latest building is the section which it is diversified, and the sense and judgment suitable for the time are required, is developing positively development of the goods function-ized more, and is promising.

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