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Functional nanocomposites that can use hydrous materials

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Lead to the reduction of waste
What is the nanocomposite new technology?

The new compound technology has made the waste from factories that has previously been disposed possible to mix well with resin at the nano level.

  • 01

    Can be hydrated and compound with resin

    Extrusion, molding, and film forming are also possible

  • 02

    Thin films can be produced because they are
    dispersed by the power of water vapor.

  • 03

    Compounding biomass or waste with nanocomposite helps environmental friendliness and improving functionality.

Image of utilization of nanocomposite new technology

Use in industrial waste

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Industrial waste・Mixed waste・Waste paper・Waste plastic, etc. → Nanocomposite new technology → Transform into recycled products

Use in value-added resins

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Organic and inorganic substances → Nanocomposite new technology Base resin and compound → Transform into functional resins

Introduction to compound examples

We will introduce some of the results. Contact us for details.

Compound of factory waste

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Industry Waste1 Waste2 Waste3 Products
Food industry Okara Agricultural mulch sheet
Pharmaceutical industry Herbal residue Corrugated board Stretch film Garbage bags for internal use
Building materials industry Wood powder Sludge Waste plastic Shipping packaging
Textile industry Disposed products (clothing, etc.) Stretch film Waste plastic (bags, etc.) Transportation hangers

Value-added resin compounds

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Industry Compound1 Compound2 Products Features
Toy industry Cellulose powder GPPS (virgin) Children's toys Improvement of coloring properties
Building materials industry Wood powder (waste) ABS (virgin) Fittings parts Dimensional stability (temperature)
Building materials industry Cellulose powder PE・PP Handrails, etc. Environmentally conscious products

Compound combination is infinite. We also suggest ways to reuse waste.

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