Initiatives for
the SDGs

What is the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)?

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is an international goal for achieving a sustainable and better world by 2030, which was adopted by the UN Sustainable Development Summit held in September 2015. It’s consisting of 17 goals and 169 targets, and pledge "Leave no one behind" on the planet.

Sustainable Development Goals

Shimada's Initiatives for the SDGs

We, SHIMADA&CO.,LTD begin full-scale SDGs promotion activities.
These activities are based on the twin pillars of "environmentally friendly business activities" and "creating a comfortable workplace," which have been undertaken so far. The activities are incorporated into the eight priorities of the SDGs, which have been reconfigured by the government. The top management takes the lead in realizing the content of the initiatives on a company-wide basis.

We acquired ISO14001 in 2011 and have a track record of contributing to sales expansion of "environmentally friendly products" with the aim of global environmental conservation and sustainable development. Looking ahead, we will further expand sales of these environmentally friendly products while working to realize our unique business field, which incorporates 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) with an emphasis on the environment. In this way, we will strive even further to create new sustainable business opportunities.

Regarding the other pillar of "creating a comfortable workplace," we will work to create an environment in which diverse human resources can work energetically, with "promotion of health management," "creation of an environment for active participation by women," and "enhancement of training according to company positions" as priority items.
In all of these endeavors, we are committed to continuing to take on the challenge of changing times through these activities, based on our SDGs promotion activities, which are the foundation of our efforts as a specialized trading company of our size, and as we move toward becoming a 200-year company.

Masahiro Yoshida, President Director

The 5Ps that form the basis of the SDGs adopted by the United Nations

  • People

    End poverty and hunger in all forms and ensure dignity and equality

  • Prosperity

    Ensure prosperous and fulfilling lives in harmony with nature

  • Planet

    Protect our planet’s natural resources and climate for future generations

  • Peace

    Foster peaceful, just and inclusive society

  • Partnership

    Implement the agenda through solid global partnerships

Japan identified 8 priority areas among the goals and targets of the SDGs

    • 1.Realization of a society where all people can play an active role and gender equality
    • 2.Achieving healthy and longevity
    • 3.Creation of growth markets, regional revitalization, and technological innovation
    • 4.Sustainable and resilient national land and quality infrastructure development
    • 5. Energy conservation/renewable energy, Climate Change Measures, Recycling-Oriented Society
    • 6.Environmental conservation of biodiversity, forests, coasts, etc.
    • 7.Realization of a peace, safety, and security society
    • 8.Strengthening the means and frameworks for the implementation of the SDGs

Quality Policy

  • SHIMADA&CO.,LTD will develop the seeds and needs of the market and create new businesses.
  • SHIMADA&CO.,LTD aims to improve customer satisfaction by responding to the needs and expectations of customers in terms of technology and environment and by providing products, information and services that meet legal and regulatory requirements.

Environmental policy

SHIMADA&CO.,LTD aims to protect a greener natural environment, promote pollution prevention and environmental preservation activities, and “achieve harmony between global environmental preservation and sustainable industrial development through eco-friendly trading company activities” in accordance with the management philosophy “We make sure that we are sincere and in good faith, contribute to company’s enterprising sprit to improve client satisfaction with creativity and originally.

  1. We will recognize all environmental impacts related to the business activities, products and services of SHIMADA&CO.,LTD, and to protect the global environment, we will construct an environmental management system that complies with ISO14001 and environmental protection, including pollution control, and continually improve our environmental management system to improve environmental performance.
  2. SHIMADA&CO.,LTD complies with all relevant laws and regulations, compliance obligations, and other requirements accepted by SHIMADA&CO.,LTD.
  3. Among the environmental impacts related to the business activities, products and services of SHIMADA&CO.,LTD, the following items will be addressed as priority issues.
    1. We will expand sales of environmentally friendly products and provide information.
    2. We will promote waste reduction through waste management and recycling.
    3. We will promote reduced CO2 through energy and resource conservation.
  4. In order to achieve our environmental policy, we will set and review our environmental goals. The review is based on information such as changes in our circumstances, including business and environmental impacts, and the interest of stakeholders.
  5. In promoting our environmental management activities, we will clarify our policy, objectives and targets, plans, records of activities, etc. through documentation, and share them with the relevant departments and employees.
  6. We will raise awareness of the environment by conducting environmental education and enlightenment activities for all employees working in SHIMADA&CO.,LTD.
  7. This environmental policy will be disseminated thoroughly to all employees working in SHIMADA&CO.,LTD through documents, educational activities, etc. It is also disclosed to the general public.

June 21, 2024
Masahiro Yoshida, President Director

ISO14001 certification

ISO14001 certification
Registration Certificate

Certified Offices
Head Office, Tokyo Branch Office, Nagoya Office, Hiroshima Office, Fukuoka Office
Applicable standards
ISO14001:2015 / JISQ14001:2015
Scope of Application
The environmental management system shall apply to all business activities in SHIMADA&CO.,LTD, including “Industrial Chemicals ,” “Plastic Materials and Products,” “Films, Seats and Packaging Materials,” “Highly Functional Materials,” “Pulp and Lignin Products,” and “Civil Engineering and Building Materials,” as well as all employees working in SHIMADA&CO.,LTD.
Date of acquisition
March 11, 2011
Registration Number
Certification agency

ISO9001 certification

ISO9001 certification
Registration Certificate

Certified Offices
Tokyo resin dept , Quality assurance dept.
Applicable standards
ISO9001:2015 / JISQ9001:2015
Scope of Application
The quality management system(QMS) shall apply to only certificated department that is included
  1. Manufacture and sale of resin molded products (ID series)
  2. Design, manufacture and sale of compounds and their resin molded products (environmentally friendly polymers)
Date of acquisition
February 22, 2023
Registration Number
Certification agency

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