In 1903
Established as a silent partnership Shimada Shoten in Osaka City, the company mainly imports pulp, Germany’s sulfuric acid vulcanizato, Germany’s Thomas Ashoferi, Chilean Glass, ammonia sulfate, Pine Resin, caustic soda, etc., and exports. Japanese handmade paper.
In 1910
A local office is established in Tokyo.
In 1916
SHIMADA&CO.,LTD will be reorganized into 250000 yen in capital.

Since then, with the start-up of a domestic chemical industry company, it becomes one distributor of many products such as carbide, lime nitrogen, ammonium sulfate, caustic soda, bleached powder, etc. produced by them. From the beginning of the Showa period, the company established local offices in Dalian and Tianjin in the former Manchukuo, and a subsidiary in Fengtian, aiming to expand the scope of its business. However, the company lost its overseas offices due to the outbreak of World War II and the end of World War II.

In 1948
Local offices are established in Tokyo and Hiroshima. Capital shall be ¥2 million.
In 1951
Capital shall be ¥8 million.
In 1957
Capital shall be ¥20 million.
In 1960
The Nagoya sub-branch is established.
In 1961
Capital shall be ¥50 million.
In 1963
The Tokyo sub-branch and the Hiroshima sub-branch shall be branch offices.
In 1967
The Fukuoka Office is established.
In 1969
Capital shall be ¥100 million.
In 1974
Capital shall be ¥150 million. The Fukuoka Office shall be the Fukuoka Branch Office. The Sakurajima Warehouse Sales Office is established.
In 1976
The Hiroshima Branch shall be the Hiroshima Sales Office and the Nagoya Local Office shall be the Nagoya Sales Office.
In 1981
Established a new development department and began full-fledged sales of electronic materials-related products.
In 1991
The Sakurajima Warehouse Office is abolished.
In 1993
Implement the sales division system to strengthen the sales system.
In 2000
A management headquarters will be established to unify the structure of the management divisions.
In 2003
Shanghai representative Office is established.
In 2005
The Taipei Representative Office is established.
In 2011
Acquire ISO14001 (Environmental Management Systems) certification.
In 2013
Hong Kong Shimada Co., Ltd. is established.
In 2018
A subsidiary in Singapore is established.
In 2019
The Shanghai representative is closed in May.
The Shenzhen Representative is established in November.

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