Our Strengths

1Customer First 8,712 business partners, 15,633 items of products handled

SHIMADA&CO.,LTD has built strong networks with numerous customers, ranging from leading companies in the chemical industry to manufacturers with specialized skills.
We have been involved in a wide range of product development by fulfilling the role of linking companies, technologies and people.

We also play a role in sowing seeds for new product development by leveraging our strengths in the field of cutting-edge technologies. In the chemical industry, where new products are constantly created while responding to the needs of society, our greatest strength lies in our wide-ranging information network and knowledge.

Business partners 8,712 [SHIMADA&CO.,LTD/ Manufacturers/Processing manufacturer/User]

2Stable business development From upstream to downstream in the chemical industry for more than a century

From chemical materials such as monomers and polymer to plastic materials and processed resin products, and from construction materials and environment-related products. Since its founding in 1903, we have developed a wide range of businesses, from upstream to downstream, in the chemical industry.
Based on its enormous amount of information and experience, we have established a position that has earned the support of being able to consult anything about chemicals.

At the same time, we have established three business structures that are not susceptible to changes in the times. We are also taking on new challenges, including the development of high-value-added products, by maintaining a stable financial base.

Products handled 15,633 items

3Strength of People Long-established knowledge and the mobility of a medium-sized trading company

For example, the “Planning and Proposal-Type Business” involves the cross-divisional development of environmentally conscious products (cellulose derivatives, recycled raw materials, etc.) for new applications.
The reason why we can move swiftly without being constrained by a fixed mindset is the creativity and information network of each employee.

In addition, the expertise and responsiveness of the support side are essential for the successful linkage between raw materials and processing technologies and people. We will take on the challenge of creating value that will meet the needs of the next era by taking full advantage of the “power of people” cultivated over our long history.

Sales per employee 300 million yen:Ability to make proposals/Information network/Chemical expertise/speed/Awareness/International strategy/Environmental/Considerations/Problem solving/Support system/Creativity

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